[H/T to Pseudopolymath for this one]

Fat Cyclist (how is a amateur) just completed a series on the time he spent hanging out / riding with Team Radio Shack or “the shack” team. For the noncyclist out there that means hanging out with Lance Armstrong, Chris Horner, Johann Brunneel, Levi Lepiheimer and oh about 20 other world class cyclists. The second part of his series has some of his story of riding with the team, a link to the video (part III in the series) from his ride with the team (post here) and possibly the greatest few lines any amateur American cyclist can every say -

I learned later, however, that there was some grumbling toward the back about “Fatty ramping the pace up right at the beginning of the climb.”
And by “toward the back” I mean “by Lance Armstrong.”
Yes — and I believe this was caught on film — Lance complained about my pace.
Which may be the single most awesome thing that has ever happened to me.

Oh to have that said about me..LOL. WHAT A DAY!! WOW!! If it was me right now though it would be “TNFrank rode the first 20 like a star and then about died for the rest of the ride”. Seriously I need to get back on the bike and like ASAP.

ANYWAY, this is a great series for all the cycling fans out there. Give the entire series a read and have sweat cycling dreams about pacing Lance Armstrong up a hill.

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